What is the 2VS?

The Two Volcano Sprint is a single-stage, unsupported bicycle challenge starting and finishing at south Italy’s two iconic volcanoes, Mt. Vesuvio and Mt. Etna. The route crosses the panoramic Amalfi and Cilento coastline before heading into the Appenine mountains and descending finally into Sicily. With just over 1,ooo kilometers and 24,000+ meters of elevation gain, the 2VS is a challenge for even the strongest of cyclists.


The 2VS 2020 starts on Sunday, October 18th,  at 05:30am. 

The Rules

As with all self-supported adventure races, the rules are simple. Riders must cycle the fixed GPX route completely self-powered and unassisted, carrying their own gear and acquiring any food, water, resources or lodgings at commercially available services. Riders must carry a GPS tracker, that should be turned on at all times. Drafting is not permitted unless riding in a pair. To make the finisher’s party, riders must complete the course within 110 hours. There is no prize money or reward for riders except the satisfaction of having pushed their legs and limits, explored another part of this planet and contributed towards improving the lives of people living on it.

The Goal

The Two Volcano Sprint is a not-for-profit event promoting eco-sustainability in south Italy. Thanks to sponsors covering organizational costs, 100% of the riders’ entry fees, after tracker rental, go towards an annual sponsorship grant. Every year, the 2VS association offers this grant to a project, initiative or service that positively impacts nature preservation, environmental sustainability, or climate action, while boosting economic growth for local communities

Annual sponsorship award project

The Davida Association is a non-profit company that has recently started a collection project purchasing food parcels to be distributed throughout the Napoli/Salerno region where there is most need. The 2 Volcano Sprint was created to reinforce this not-for-profit organisation, using participants’ registration fees to fund an annual project focused on eco-sustainability in southern Italy. In light of this global pandemic, the funds raised from the first 2VS edition last November, together with those from this year’s registrations, are going towards supporting families and individuals whose livelihoods have been worst affected by the Covid-19 lockdown.
       A €50 package includes foodstuffs that can sustain a family of 4 living under difficult conditions for a week. Each of these packages is important not only for their fundamental supplies, but also the powerful symbolic value they carry, knowing there are people out there who care. The parcels are purchased and delivered by us personally to accredited distribution organizations, without any intermediary.
        In these trying times, helping others in need is its own reward. If you are not able to participate in the cycling event, but would like to contribute towards our project, donating is simple: click on the button below to donate.
From the bottom of our hearts, thank you.


2020 Registrations are Closed

Race map 2020

Two Volcano Sprint 2020 Roster

Rider N° Name Country Finish N° Finish time
25 Fiona Kolbinger Germany
26 John Cooke United Kingdom
27 Frank Scholler Germany
28 Paul Gannon United Kingdom
29 Giampiero Monti Italy
30 Derek Gamblin United Arab Emirates
31 Giulio Minniti Italy
32 Cristian Auriemma Italy
33 Patrick Doupe Germany
34 Pamela Cepparulo Italy
35 Jonas Goy Switzerland
36 Andrea Seiermann Germany
38 Fanny Bensussan France
39 Omar Di Felice Italy
40 Kim Raeymaekers Belgium
41 Hashim Hassan United Kingdom
42 Bruno Ferraro Italy
43 Lukas Neubeck Germany
44 Niel Copeland United Arab Emirates
45 Max Riese Austria
46 Sofiane Sehili France
47 Stephane Ouaja France
48 Robert Gardiner United Kingdom
49 Jörg-Ingo Scheffel Germany
50 Marina Sonzogni Germany
51 Dominik Roels Germany
52 Ede Harrison United Kingdom
53 James Hayden United Kingdom
54 Christoph Furbach Germany
55 Lisa Grützmacher Germany
56 Matthieu Lifschitz France
11 Adrian O’Sullivan Ireland
12 Markus Kroell Germany
22 Thomas Chateau France
14 Bryan Averre United Kingdom
15 Adrien Liechti Switzerland
16 Ulrich Bartholmoes Germany
17 Kamil Prusinowski Poland
18 Anabell Orenz United Kingdom
19 Peter Batt Germany
20 Nicola Shaw United Kingdom
21 Andrew Phillips United Kingdom
13 Thomas Ceyrowsky Germany
23 Tom Van Hout Belgium
24 Witold Bonnard France
58 Robert Britton United Kingdom
57 Cédric Sion France
59 Daniel Marsmans Netherlands
37 Manuel Truccolo Italy
60 Julien Gravaud France
61 Joe Rass-Court Spain
62 Robert Krügel Germany
63 Raphael Albrecht Germany
64 Barry Scott United Kingdom


Start N° Name Country Finish N° Finish time
69a/69b Piotr Smereka / Kamila Pociech Poland
65a/65b Gerco Beekhof / Anouk Catharina Willemien van Haare Netherlands
66a/66b Gianmario De Angelis / Salvatore Marrone Italy
67b/67a Clement Mahe / Jordan Gueguen Switzerland
68a/68b Ruth Linton / Naomi Linton United Kingdom (UK)


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