The Davida association

The Davida Association annual projects sponsored by the cyclists of the Two Volcano Sprint:


In light of the global pandemic, the 2VS events supported families and individuals whose livelihoods were affected by the Covid-19 lockdown. Three truck loads of care packages with enough supplies to sustain families and individuals living under difficult conditions for a week, were distributed throughout the first half of 2020. A further eight tons of canned and dry supplies were donated in the first half of 2021.

The 2VS not-for-profit, Davida ETS, purchased and distributed close to one hundred tablets to schools in the communities of Ercolano and Nicolosi, for children without a computer or tablet for online learning after schools across Italy shut down during Covid-19 lockdowns.
All parcels, tablets and supplies were purchased and delivered by the 2VS team personally and given directly to accredited distribution organizations, without any intermediary.


After a terrible bicycle crash that left her in critical condition, it was uncertain whether Ana, who finished the 2020 2VS event, would even be able to walk again, much less pedal. But having an indefatigable and unbeatable head and heart, Ana slowly made a complete recovery. The 2VS not-for-profit sponsored the surgery on her upper lip, stem cell replacement for the parts missing in her upper jaw and two implants added to fix her broken teeth. Ana is not only back on her bike, but ultra cycling stronger than ever. The 2VS community of 2021 riders are proud to have been a part of helping Ana’s road to recovery in a small way. We hope to see her pedaling through south Italy once more flashing her gorgeous smile.


This year’s event sponsored the creation of a sports field for an underprivileged primary school in Catanzaro, Calabria, where children had been forced to remain indoors due to the lack of an outside play area. The project was realised by architect Annamaria Corrado and completed in September, 2023.