Christmas/New Year’s sale

For the months of December and January only, we will be selling 5 exclusive prints from this year’s edition of the Two Volcano Sprint, in collaboration with event photographer Charlotte Gamus. 50% of proceeds will go directly to the 2VS not-for-profit, Associazione Davida ETS, assisting families and individuals most affected by the Covid-19 lockdown.
Since the Two Volcano Sprint 2020 this October, we have already purchased and distributed close to one hundred tablets in the communities of Ercolano and Nicolosi, to children who can not afford a computer or tablet and have been forced to study online after schools across Italy shut down.
Last year we were able to help over 200 families with three truckloads of basic supplies. After the first lockdown went into effect, many lost their livelihoods and found it difficult to survive without government assistance.
This year, with your help, we can in turn help many more.
Gifting a unique print to friends or family this Christmas will spread joy to many more.

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